Together, we're inspiring hope through two simple, but powerful words: WELCOME HOME.


Bridge 2 Home


The Bridge 2 Home provides emergency/temporary housing for individuals and families with school-age children. 

Hope Housing Services

Hope Housing Services aims to help our neighbors move from the streets into a home of their own as quickly as possible. 

Permanent Supportive Housing


Abilene Hope Haven is in the beginning stages of developing permanent housing solutions for our most vulnerable neighbors-the chronically homeless.

“At the heart of the Christian gospel is the message that we are all homeless, but that there is a home in which our yearning hearts can and will find rest. That home is creation redeemed and transfigured, a place of grace that is inhabited by an indwelling God of unfathomable love. The Christian gospel, in other words, is a grand story of redemptive homecoming that is at the same time grateful homemaking.

-Beyond Homelessness: Christian Faith in a Culture of Displacement