Bridge 2 Home


The Jackie Warmsley Bridge 2 Home is an intentional living community for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.
The program is designed to provide emergency shelter in a warm, welcoming environment.

From day one, our focus is working with our neighbors to secure safe, affordable, stable housing as quickly as possible (our goal is 30 days or less, but there are no hard and fast time limits).   

Individuals and families are eligible for B2H, but families with school-age children may be prioritized. 

Prior to move-in our neighbors participate in an assessment to determine eligibility and services needed.

At move-in our neighbors sign a participant agreement that outlines B2H policies and procedures.

Each household is provided with a private room, basic cable, internet access, and staple groceries. Additionally, participants may utilize the following community spaces: Kitchen, dining/living space, laundry facilities, and back yard/patio area. 

Neighbors are expected to participate in Case Management services focussed on housing stabilization.