Abilene Hope Haven, Inc. (AHH) is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1992 to address the needs of homeless individuals in Taylor County (city of Abilene). Founder Jackie Warmsley, a long-time social worker, recognized the need for a safe facility that could provide homeless adults and families with food, clothing, shelter, transportation and the tools necessary to become self-sufficient. She secured the donation of an old grocery store, which was renovated to become Hope Haven.

The shelter opened its doors in June 1994. At that time, AHH could serve eight single men, eight single women and four families (in two bedroom apartments).

By March 1998, the facility operated at 100 percent capacity, and the program had to turn away hundreds of people each year.  So in March 2002 AHH expanded to meet the growing needs of its community by opening a new facility dedicated to families. With the addition of the family facility, the original shelter served single adult residents only. Between the two facilities, the agency could provide shelter and services to 14 families and 24 single adults. In 2010, Abilene Hope Haven moved out of the original building on Oak Street.

In 2016, Abilene Hope Haven's Board of Directors implemented a 5-year strategic plan shifting from Transitional Housing to current best practices for addressing homelessness.

In 2017, two innovative programs were launched in conjunction with the strategic plan: Bridge 2 Home & Hope Housing Services

In the near future, Abilene Hope Haven plans to establish a community of 20-25 tiny homes for our neighbors experiencing chronic homelessness. 

Abilene Hope Haven currently offices at 801 S. Treadaway.

Hope Haven's Treadaway Facility

Hope Haven's Treadaway Facility

Jackie Warmsley, Founder and first Executive Director of Hope Haven

Jackie Warmsley,
Founder and first Executive Director of Hope Haven