Hope Housing Services


Hope Housing Services is a Rapid Re-housing program for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.
Combining housing identification, financial assistance, and case management services, HHS staff support our neighbors in securing safe, affordable, stable housing as quickly as possible.    

Individuals and families are eligible for HHS. Prior to program entry our neighbors participate in an assessment to determine services needed and placement on the Housing Priority List (priority is based on vulnerability, not chronological order of assessment).

Because HHS is focussed on housing stability, our neighbors sign a standard 12-month lease in their own name prior to moving into their home. 

Neighbors are expected to participate in Case Management services focussed on housing stabilization. 

Landlords and Property Managers, HHS provides a fantastic opportunity for you to join us in our mission to Inspire Hope. If you would like more info about how you can help us end homelessness, check out these Partner Benefits