Abilene Hope Haven's HUD funding not renewed for Transitional Housing Program

Since 1994, Abilene Hope Haven, Inc. has provided transitional housing and supportive services to countless individuals and families experiencing homelessness in and around Abilene. Residents can stay at Hope Haven for up to one year without cost, while they work towards self sufficiency and securing their own housing.   

In 2015 alone, Hope Haven received 676 applications for housing and supportive services and was successfully able to serve 90 of those applicants.

Each year Abilene Hope Haven and other similar programs nationwide compete for valuable funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). For 2016, more than $1.9 billion was awarded to fund homeless programs throughout the country.

Unfortunately, despite having received HUD support for many years, Abilene Hope Haven was not included in the 2016 funding list announced May 2, 2016 leaving a massive and potentially disastrous shortfall in Abilene Hope Haven’s budget.

Abilene Hope Haven now needs to replace approximately $258,000 lost from HUD in order to continue providing this invaluable service to the Abilene community. Churches, civic groups, businesses, foundations, and individuals who would like to help can send donations to: 801 S. Treadaway, Abilene, TX79602 or by clicking the link below.  

Those in the community who have questions about this change are welcome to contact Abilene Hope Haven’s Executive Director, John Cooper, at (325) 677-4673.